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FirmTools Hexis


Differently shaped hexagonal elements are falling from the top into the container in the middle. Your aim is to arrange them so that they fill horizontal lines.

If you manage to fill one or more lines in a turn they will disappear and the elements from above will fall down to the next level.

The elements falling speed will increase after a certain amount of cleared lines so you have to react faster to get them in position.

You loose the game if there are no more elements can be thrown into the container.


  • To move the elements left and right, use the LEFT ARROW and RIGHT ARROW keys.
  • To let an element fall faster, use the DOWN ARROW key.
  • To rotate an element, use the UP ARROW key.

You can customize the keys for these actions yourself in the Options dialog.

In the upper right corner of the window you will see the element that will come next. The elements are chosen randomly so you cannot say which one will come after that.

You loose the game if there are no more elements can be thrown into the container in the middle. When the game is over press any key to view the results in the Hiscore window and enter your name.

Press any key again to return to the main menu.


Here is the list of available options for the game:

  • Rotation: Select the direction of elements rotation (clockwise or counter-clockwise);
  • Sound: Turn the sound ON or OFF;
  • Flipping: You can ENABLE/DISABLE elements flipping;
  • Rotate: Select the key to rotate elements. By default it is Up button.

Additional key customizations:

  • Drop: Select the key to drop elements. By default it is the SPACE key;
  • Flip: Select the key to flip elements. By default it is the INSERT key;
  • Hide: hides the game active window. By default it is the DELETE key.


You can support the further development of the Hexis and other logic games. Donate just $10 — you will receive the registration key that will remove our company AD from the game interface.

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